Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Yes, we's workin'.

OK, I've discovered how to post images, but I believe I'll have to edit them to take up less memory. This is me and Handsome Stranger (named after his father, ha ha). He did not need training to jump from wherever to my chest or shoulder, he does it naturally, especially when my back is turned. And he loves to drape himself on my neck and snooze while I read the paper in the morning, or while I'm doing the crossword puzzle, or when I watch TV (hardly ever these days). At one year and a few months he's hardly half grown... Here he is alerted to a house sparrow in the back yard.
Here's how it went: in fall 2005 I got a laser/USB Logitech mouse, and of course I couldn't get a driver for it. I discovered I needed to finally upgrade my OS from Win98 to WinXP to use the mouse, so I did that. This included the requirement for a new digital cameral shortly after Fiasco T. Peabrain (Peabo) joined the household so I could post photos of the little madman (did I already say I like to take pictures? I have several Yashica SLRs and lenses that I don't use any more). Then I had to upgrade my scanner software so I could still use the PS2 scanner. Then I had to upgrade my MS Office, and so on. Then I bought a Toshiba notebook with WinXP and don't really need that old Compaq tower, except the scanner and new USB printer (HP LaserJet) attached to it, but that's only black and white...
I took this self-portrait with my half-priced Canon PowerShot SD430 Digital Elph Wireless (quite a name for a camera with such a useless piece-o-shit needs-recharging-every-10-minutes battery).

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