Saturday, January 5, 2008

Diabetes woes...

I'm a'feared to check my BG this morning. I had a nice 30-minute walk to meet a friend for dinner (not too cold out, about -4C). Then I took two steps back by having tiramisu for dessert (it WAS a lovely dinner). I admitted to my companion that I am diabetic and she said, "I won't tell about your dessert if you don't tell I'm trying to diet."

My symptoms: peripheral neuropathy (numbness on shins); lesions (twice in armpits, often inside nostrils); yeast and urinary tract infections (asymptomatic, diagnosed by urinalysis); high blood sugar in morning, of course; I've had blurry vision, but that's cleared up, etc. Low energy since I don't exercise enough.

I just tested at 14.2 mmol/dl (multiply by 18 for USians)--this is waaay high, but about average for me. Fasting blood glucose should be 6.0 or less, and 10.0 or less one hour afer eating. My last good reading was in early December (5.8). I had salad for dinner.

My BG meter is a Johnson&Johnson Lifescan OneTouch Ultrasmart. I have medical benefits from work, so most of my equipment and drug costs are covered.

I just bought the RealAge(tm) Workout book by Dr. Roizen. Since I smoke and have DM my "real age" is about 58. I started flossing daily (instead of weekly) last August--that will take a couple of years off (my calendar age is 51).

All for now -- wish me luck!

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