Tuesday, January 29, 2008

On the other hand...

I just got an e-mail with my $10 gift certificate for Chapters-Indigo (the bookstore) for completing a survey. I've never won any of their draws (but I sure could use $1000) but I've picked up about $50 in rewards for answering questions about products ("If Florida orange juice was a person, what do you think he/she would be like? Lively, depressing, stylish, sporty, orange?"). Anyway, Web Perspectives always seems to be looking for new Canadian customers. You only lose a bit of time (http://www.webperspectives.ca/) and you might pick up a buck or two.

And I had a really pleasant Sunday shopping/lunch trip with my friend K, also a person with diabetes. We went to IKEA, for gawd's sake, on a Sunday! That's usually a mistake, but we both found parking within seconds, had a pleasant afternoon shopping and browsing, and it was great to see her. She also wishes she could get back to the point where controlling her blood sugars had a point. I don't remember when mine was. I think it was after my 5-day diabetes education class, when my BGs were still perfect (and A1C around 5%).

Diabetes education: For the record, the first session was an interview with a nurse-educator. The first thing she asked after the usual stuff (medical history, diagnosis date, etc.) was whether I did my own housework. When I said no she looked worried. "Well, what do you do for exercise?" Well, on Monday I play badminton for 3 hours. I practice Karate for 90 minutes once or twice a week. I do yoga for about two hours on Saturday. "Oh, so you probably get enough exercise..." I remember being quite fit, and I need to get back to that state (more than 10 years later) but I'm being thwarted by old bad habits (but I am keeping up with my flossing).

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