Wednesday, January 16, 2008

No shoes, no patience, no service

Have you ever thought that if you just got the right stuff you'd be more organized, healthy, satisfied, happy, or have more time? I have seven different paper filing systems but I can never remember which one I'm using so have papers all over the place. I once had 4 dish racks, thinking that having the right one would encourage me to do dishes more often. I have a great built-in dishwasher now and I still put dishes in the sink (mainly because I haven't emptied the dishwasher since the last load). Same with laundry, but that's another story...who stores dirty laundry in the washer? Except for my last landlady...

Somehow I feel like I am making progress in my war with DIABETES but based on my BG tests it's not at all true. But I have been walking at least 30-45 minutes a day for 9 of the last 10 days; my first yoga class in 3 years starts tomorrow evening; I found a place to play badminton on Saturdays; I have the class schedule for Goju karate, located just up the street; I'm picking up my prescription sports goggles on Friday; and I've been planning to visit my fitness club for at least 19 months.

I've been sorting my sportswear too -- that's fun. Since my fave sport is badminton I want new court shoes (all I have is grubby runners with mud on them). So I went to the mall ("Sale!!") to check out one of the two stores dedicated to sports shoes and wear. I was greeted by a clerk in the first store, but when I turned around to try to catch someone's eye everyone was busy with arranging stock and discussing Albanian Idol tryouts. At the second store I found a shoe I thought I'd like to try on, so I tried again to make eye contact (without actually shouting "some service here!!" across the not-exactly-crowded aisles) with a clerk. Eventually one spotted me on the way down the aisle and asked if I was being served "or just waiting for someone." I said, yes, I am waiting to be served. I guess this got her back up because after we discussed the kind of shoe I wanted (opposed to the one she wanted to sell me; she looked like an aerobics chick), I found a shoe I wanted to try on. She'd let me: "yes, you can try those on." I said I wanted a pair that didn't have the security ball and chain stuck on them, so I could actually walk in them and maybe be sure what they felt like. Understand at this point my credit card is burning a hole in my backpack -- I WANT to buy something. She took the shoe, started back to get a pair, was distracted by a young man who couldn't admit he wanted something to de-stink his shoes (his mom was hovering) and my f^cking useless clerk stopped serving me and started serving them. I am sitting there with my boots off and she's holding half my shoe order and discussing toe jam funk smegma with a kid. (Yes, I was ticked.)

I SAW this clerk watching me put my boots back on. As I walked past her I just said, "Some other time." Loudly. En esprit d'escalier, I should have said, "I'll come back when there aren't so many people in line behind me." Or, "When you've found my shoes, I'll be in the next store, or grabbing a coffee." I was fully prepared to stump out and tell all my friends about this lousy experience. The store would never hear about it, of course; and after all my friends stopped shopping there they might lose .046 percent in annual sales. If I had had a chance to try on those shoes I might have bought them, and maybe recommended the store to one or two people.

But instead cutting off MY nose to spite THEIR face(s), I've decided to try again: go to the back of the store where the clerks congregate for safety, get a manager, and tell the same story.

BRB with the results.

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