Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Glasses half full

I need some diabetes education -- or information. Last night before leaving work my BG was 17.2 (way too high). After walking for 45 minutes, I tested at home -- 19 mmol/dl. How did it go up?? I have heard that if BG is >14 you shouldn't exercise (unless you can test urine to show you're not spilling ketones). My next purchase should be ketone test strips, and my next Google search should be about BGs and exercise.

I want to reduce the meds, but until I get in shape for more vigorous workouts I have to keep them up. Also tonight a huge admission, since I've trusted these people with anything up to now -- when I explained why I was leaving early (my boss and my boss's boss are very generous), they suggested I start wearing contact lenses. I took a deep breath and said, "I used to wear contacts but I can't anymore. I have to admit to you that I'm diabetic and haven't told anyone so that I have the excuse to eat whatever I want." No shock (though they didn't know), since we all know friends (at least two), co-workers (our former department Vice Pres), family members (my older brother and possibly my younger brother, my late grandmother, boss's boss's mother), neighbours (one that I know of), who are diabetic.

Tonight I left work an hour (or so) early to get to the spectacles place to get my two-month worn glasses adjusted. I actually have a pressure sore behind my ear. It seems better now, but I am also wearing a bandage and antibiotic ointment over the spot. These are lovely progressive bifocals (trifocals) in Anne Klein frames that I got for about 200 CAD after the sale and the vision benefits insurance repayment. Vision benefits haven't changed in 19 years since I was first eligible: about 200 CAD every two years. But the price of glasses (mostly for the lenses) has about tripled. My expensive lenses were half price.

Note: I woke up on my 40th birthday needing bifocals. Yes, it really is that sudden.

I also ordered some single-vision sports glasses while I was there. I won't need them for my yoga class (which starts Thursday), I hope. But I want to start training in Goju karate (I used to do Shotokan/kung fu) and to start playing badminton again after my first 30 days of 30 minutes walking per day which, according to the RealAge(tm) Workout, should get me ready for anything.

Thank dog for the Green Bin program in Toronto. I submitted a full bin plus several extra bags, mostly kitty litter (plant source) plus the inevitable poops and clumps. Otherwise I would have put out a full garbage bag of just cat litter. BTW, the corn litter has a lifespan of several weeks -- I have to replace the whole mess once in a while, but baking soda bought in bulk and sprinkled on the box bottom and in the litter after de-clumping (or scooping) prolongs its life tremendously!

Since I've decided against an all-out food dehydrating program, I've reviewed my freezing program and decided it's worth it. When I can find the premium ziplock(tm) freezer bags I stock up, since I also use them for storing several months worth of credit/debit card receipts (and mark the bag with a Sharpie(tm) pen), various items that can go into storage until they're needed (like necklaces, scarves, cosmetics), and dried herbs. If I need freezer bags and the prems aren't on sale I get the store brand and have never complained about their quality. Wish I could pack up my troubles in a ziplock bag and smile, smile, smile (la la la).

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