Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Fiasco T. Peabrain

This is an excellent spam or kitten name that I made up. After Fluffy died of chronic renal failure and the housemate left with his cat I decided I needed another one to kind of balance things out. Peabo is lying on top of the kitchen cabinet over the fridge.

If you don't know, kittens are as ubiquitous as spam. They don't sleep through the night until they are at least five years old. The Toronto Humane Society recently stopped, for the first time due to overcrowding, accepting cats, since they are full up.

I didn't mention Scuffy/Mr. Jones/Boss Cat/Old Guy (shown here letting me pat him). He is an intact tom that lives under my porch and is fed (often several times a day) by me and a few neighbours. I was away for 5 days at Christmas and he actually came running up to greet me. I can't believe I expend about a cup of premium vet food (about $37.00 per 4 kg bag) on this battle-scarred warrior (he's about 3 years old, and might be Peabo's daddy). So I guess I actually have five cats, except Scuffy doesn't count until I bring him in the house.

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