Monday, January 21, 2008

My furs are such pals

They bring me toys all day. Every day or so I pick up the toys and drop them in a special basket. All four cats bring the toys to my room.

Handsome Stranger loves the fur-covered rattly mice, and he drops them close enough to my hand that I have to throw them.

Gril brings her favourite: a hard rattly whiffle-type ball that I put in a plastic net, so she can carry it around ("mrr, mrow, mrr, yeow, argh, mrow", etc.). She also like to carry around white plastic forks and spoons. I have yet to get a photo of her carrying a plastic spoon in her mouth.

Bwai will bring a rubber cat brush half-way up the stairs, arguing with it the whole way (her voice is quiet but scratchy and annoying). She also likes to play with a dog toy my brother sent me -- it's a medium-hard rubber ball with a cable and hand loop. She never gets it past the bottom of the stairs, though.

Peabo plays with everything but hasn't got the hang of sharing with me. He's only 1.5 years old so he might get it.

I need to get to a hardware store for some sisal twine or carpet. They do all like scratching the furniture...

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