Monday, January 21, 2008

Hate those DM drugs

Every once in a while, but especially in winter when I tend to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) the Metformin I'm on (maximum daily dose) gives me gastrointestinal upset. Like fairly severe stomach pains and diarrhea, which I have today. I'm also on Gluconorm. One helps the muscles use the glucose in my blood, the other helps use the insulin I produce. (I don't know whether my DM form is lots of insulin produced but my cells can't use it properly, or whether it's my pancreas just isn't making enough.) Anyways, I'm set up in the spare room, which is right next to the bathroom. It's not too bad...

"Smoking contributes to developing diabetes." My mother told me this at Christmas and I laughed at her. (Smokers should always quit, and DMs should quit even more.) But apparently this is partly true -- the sendentary lifestyle and poor diet often associated with smoking contributes to onset. I've been smoking about 20 a day for at least 30 years. I quit once for 6 days, using a nicotine patch. But mostly I have been thinking of how I spend $8 CA times 7 (days) times 52 (weeks) per year (or 8 x 365, not to complicate it). That's $2920.00 per year. I imagine that going into my retirement plan... or into a bathroom reno.

I'm getting some Work done but it takes about 4 times as long as usual to open a file remotely, since I have dialup access. And my version of Word is kind of decrepit so documents I start in Word 2007 tend to wilt when I work on them in Word 2002.

Shoe service update: I got a pair of Nike sort-of court shoes at the first store I stopped at where they didn't bother me after I arrived. I don't care if they have pink trim... Really, it was the first store I went to, and I wanted to test them too. And I did get a "thank you for shopping at Champs." I still haven't played badminton yet, but with the loose-ish knee I'm going to wait.

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