Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's a pain in the gut

Stomach pains are getting worser and worser. It's a combination of poor diet, too much red wine, Metformin, and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Also unmanaged stress, probably: I've been testing my blood sugar several times a day (instead of just in the morning, or not at all) and except for one day they've been consistently high. I have an appointment with my GP on Friday for an annual checkup, and will have to admit to her that I am not doing well at all. Then I will go right to my physiotherapist to get him to look at my knee and tell me what's wrong with it. To hell with all that. Here's my next complaint:

Don't rush off to check out that handy steamer that's being advertised on TV these days. You know the one: use it to freshen bedding and dry-cleanable clothing (save $$!!), and your life will be swell. I only wanted to compare the price of having one delivered to the price of the one on sale that I could pick up myself. To see that I had to submit my credit card information. "Your order has been processed!!" Whaaaa?? No confirmation page, which I find somewhat like going to the midway at a carnival. When I was a child, I actually had a carny grab my dollar bill out of my hand and drop three quarters into my purse, in order to make me play his silly game. I must have looked at him funny, because when I held out those quarters he gave me back my dollar.

Anyways, I made two phone calls and sent three e-mails (for which I did not receive a response even though the autoresponder promises I'll get one within 48-72 hours. Those must be Albanian hours or something. And they lie. "Oh, the confirmation page is not working, I guess, it should be there." "Oh, your shipment is already with Canada Post." That was January 22. But I got the confirmation from Canada Post just today. I can't win: if I don't accept the delivery (which I'll have to pick up with the car) I will get back only the cost of the item less shipping and handling. If I accept it I was promised a $20 discount (or was it $30? Doesn't matter. I'll never see it). And I can use the thing and then return it in 30 days for a "full refund." I guess I will try it out. My only concern is the fiddly bits on my silk blouses, the collar, hem, cuffs, darts, button panels. I can see myself gettin' out the ol' ironin' board.

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