Saturday, March 7, 2009

Step 4: Stress management (and self-defeating behaviour)

I often have trouble recognising when I'm under stress, whether from work, personal interactions, ill-health, or self-anger (at myself for self-defeating behaviour). I meant this blog to be a kind of confessional to purge my bad behaviours, such as not managing my diabetes (and as a forum to amuse myself and other with my mad cats' behaviour; the boys just travelled through the furnace ducts and pushed out through the cold air return. It's an adventure for them, since they don't go outside).

Stress management is supposed to be an important part of diabetes management, along with self-monitoring of blood sugar levels; 30 minutes of aerobic and strength exercise a day (though "experts" are claiming that more is better); care in diet and nutrition along with regular mealtimes; and taking medications as prescribed. And lots of water, "enough to keep your urine pale."

Deep breathing, meditating (focusing on clearing your mind of all thoughts, especially negative ones), yoga (including deep breathing through the poses), and endorphins from vigorous exercise are some stress-busters. Keeping in touch with friends and family (well, not MY family) are recommended. Ending your work day by leaving work AT work is another method. And the Book (Take Charge of Your Health) recommends giving your life over to God. That doesn't work too well for atheists like me, though...but the principles are good.

I'll miss another yoga class this morning because the roofers are coming to look at my mess (gee, could the leaking roof and potential huge expenses be causing some stress?). After they leave I'll do some deep breathing.

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