Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

I don't need to get ready for Earth Hour (I already changed the batteries in the portable radio and put the old batts in a bag to take to work to recycle).

Yesterday I bought a stainless thermal carafe to put hot coffee in. If it works (it's an old Melitta) I'll reduce my electricity usage a fraction by shutting off the coffee pot after it's done brewing and pour the fresh coffee into the carafe. Won't make much of a difference, probably, but I will know.

There are some areas in Toronto to view the potential blackout with a good vantage point, and it promises to be a really nice evening, but I think I'll just take a walk through the 'hood and shine my lantern into the houses that still have TVs flickering and the electric lights on.

Last year it wasn't such a big whoop on my street. Around 8:45 pm as I was sitting in candle and lantern light and listening to my little radio I watched some lights come on in a house across the street -- and the people left the house!

Degrees of oblivion: In London, England in 1941, someone interviewed a woman who claimed to not know who Hitler was. Everybody ought to have at least heard of Earth Hour this year.

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