Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Skype and a muffin

My bro and I need to talk a bit more than usual lately, and he's complained that he is grossly overcharged for his long distance calls. So I checked Skype (always thought it was too high-tech for me) and we both signed up and got our headsets. One month of free calls to me should pay off his headset (a Logitech ClearChat). It will take a bit longer for me because I have a 5-cents-a-minute plan and don't make many LD calls. But I can imagine us talking a few times a week over the next few months.

I wanted a muffin with my lunch today. First I stopped at Tim Hortons but they didn't have a bran muffin (and the others were really small for the price). Then I went into the mall to a pastry shop and they didn't have muffins at all, and neither did the bakery. So I stopped at Coffee Time and bought a low-fat oatmeal muffin (I've bought them at Coffee Time near work and they were fine). I'm glad I pulled off a piece and ate it as I left the store -- it was CRUNCHY! And too sweet. I went back in and made an apologetic face at the cashier, and said the muffin was stale. I took it out of the bag and rapped it on the counter, and said, "Muffins should not make a noise like that." The manager person came out and said all the low fat muffins that she makes are like that. Somehow I doubt it. I make a banana bread with 1/4 cup oil (and no sugar) and it's tender. (That reminds me that I have some overripe bananas in the fridge to make banana muffins with.) Anyway, I got my money back! Had to do without a muffin, though.

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