Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's March! Can Spring Be Close?

Only 19 days until Spring arrives -- at 11:44 pm on March 20! And only another week until Daylight Saving Time begins (March 8 at 02h/2 am). That means, um, what? Brighter in the morning, or in the afternoon? I forget. I think it's the afternoon. That means that when I get home it might still be light-ish out. I hope.

And only 19 days until my friend Debra ( and I fling off our winter glooms and trek to Canada Blooms! I won't forget my wallet this time.

These are my Toronto tulips last April, before I cleaned out the oak leaves (or did I bother to clean out the oak leaves in 2008?). I'll be sure to do it this year.

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