Thursday, March 12, 2009

The runaround from UPS

My baking equipment from Bob's Red Mill is scheduled for delivery tomorrow (I did say I wanted No Signature Required so they'll drop it on the porch). The picklist was made the day I ordered. Here's where my package has been since then (click for larger image):

It's been in and out of two countries (four states and one province) and six cities, for a total of 11 transits. I thought once it got to Windsor, ON, the day after I placed the order, it would mosey its way along the back roads to Toronto and arrive one week later. Apparently not.

Does someone have a whistle I can blow?

Thursday, MARCH 12 UPDATE: It got back to Windsor, Ontario again this evening. So it should arrive on my front porch on Friday (the thirteenth!!). I will use the dough bucket and maybe the banneton this weekend to mix up the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes. Unless I get hit with duty charges and have to send UPS a payment before I get it all...

Saturday, MARCH 14 UPDATE: Swell. I gotta pay $55.65 CA in duty and taxes before I get my package. That's a few more bucks than I was planning on spending. I asked UPS if I could pay the COD by PayPal or credit card, but they won't get back to me until the next business day, if then.

Monday, MARCH 16 UPDATE: I DID get a positive response from UPS customer service, saying that Yes, I could pay a COD amount by credit card using their automated phone service. But I just signed the back of the Info slip, left a personal cheque for the COD amount taped to the door (I'm a trusting soul), and my package from Bob was at my door when I got home. Tra la!

I also got an eBay item that had been mailed in the US on February 2, 2009. The seller was good enough to re-ship the item (which I received in about a week). I promised him that if it ever showed up I'd send it back. And I got a package that I'd ordered on Thursday or Friday from a Toronto nutrition house. So I'm all happy again now.

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