Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I've been scammed!

I get e-newsletters from sites that offer coupons and free samples. So far they've been pretty good: three full-sized PowerBars; 125g of ProPlan cat kibble (which they LOVE) and a $5.00 coupon; Excel gum plus a $1 coupon for a multi-pack; Olay samples that I will probably put in Mom's Xmas stocking (; coupons for free products like Kashi granola bars; and a few other items. It's always nice to get packages in the mail, isn't it?

If I fail to read the fine print on these things I figure it's my own damn fault. But this one was a shocker. I feel I got scammed. I searched where the Dazzle White Pro "free" offer originated, and it's completely gone, and no one has commented on it in the forums. My credit card has been charged over $100 CA. I have cancellation numbers for the affiliate programs for my credit card provider as well, but I am in no way guaranted that I'll get any of the money back. I got the information for this from the Complaints Board (

The other thing I found is that the company's international headquarters is in Alberta. So much for Canadian integrity (not), though it's probably a US firm that uses a mail drop so they can evade US regulations. And I haven't opened the item, so maybe I'll send it back and watch for my refund through my rose-coloured glasses.

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