Saturday, July 18, 2009

Clipping the cats' claws

This is my sweet baby Fiasco T. Peabrain (the T. stands for "ther" as in Winnie "ther" Pooh).

He's a little bitty cat compared to the others -- about 6.5 pounds. He's also head-shy -- no head-bopping or face-plants with this guy, and in fact he ducks away from kisses.

And he loves to stand on my lap and knead when I'm using the computer and in the "reading room." I have multiple scratches on my left thigh from his ministrations. And I forget that he is the most compliant when it comes to clipping those fishhooks off his front paws. I can do all 10 in less than a minute. I simply prop him on my lap, snip-snip-snip, and we're done. He raises no objection whatever. But it's his nature -- you gotta know your cats! Handsome Stranger gets angry after one or two clips, growling and struggling. So it takes a few sessions with him.

I use a regular nail clipper and take off only the really pointy ends.


Debra said...

Bruno does that to my stomach. I look like a junkie. NONE of mine will let me clip their claws. I could do Bruno's with no protest when he was little (even when he was sleeping), but now he acts like I'm trying to kill him. :-/

KarenInTo said...

OMG, the scratchings. Handsome needs a muzzle and handcuffs. Bwai lets me do nine of ten, then starts to bite me. Gril (oh, wait a second) lets me do them all but argues a little bit. I have put up carpet scratching posts on the stair rails, and they seem to work pretty well...