Friday, February 27, 2009

Leaking roof and SPAM -- coincidence??

It's confirmed -- my roof is leaking. Again. Just over three years ago I was between jobs, reading e-mails, and speaking on the cell phone with a recruiter about an interview. I looked up and watched drops of water falling onto the floor. Long story short, my attached neighbours and I got a couple of estimates to do only part of the job and that would have really hurt our wallets. My neighbour's father recommended a guy who could do both roofs (including removing old roof and taking it away). Very good price, pretty good looking job. The guy also did another neighbour's house. But she hasn't been able to get in touch with him, and he hasn't answered my call this morning. So I'll probably have to get another local company to do it and figure out how to get the 20-year warranty honoured.

I stepped out for smokes and more coffee, and when I got back there was a message in my Junk mailbox from a British military guy with THE SAME EXACT NAME as my roofer guy. Except this guy wants to share Iraqi loot with me (I did wonder for a second how the roofer got my e-mail address). All I have to do is get in touch:

"We have managed to move funds belonging to some demised persons who were attacked and killed [Ed. damn, killed twice!] through these attacks. The total amount is US$15 Million dollars in cash. We want to move this money to you, so that you can help keep our share for us until when we shall come over to meet you. My partner and I will take 70%, . while you take 30%. No strings attached! Just help us move it out of Iraq."

It certainly would help pay for the roof repairs.

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Noreen Weigle said...

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