Monday, February 9, 2009

The Cat Came Back!

We thought he was a goner but the cat came back! My neighbours and I have been feeding and caring for a feral (probably abandoned) old tom who sleeps on our porches and in our sheds. I think he likes me the best, though---he'll follow me down the street, let me pat him and (very briefly) pick him up, accepts pats and scritches, rolls on his side for side pats, though not on his belly! And he has him some pretty sharp ends. He's called Mr. Jones, BossCat, Old Cat, Mr. McScuffersons/Scuffy, Scruffy, and Him.

On Saturday afternoon I glanced at my front door and there was the pathetic face of Mr. Jones peering in---he had been missing for over a month. I rushed to pat him and check his condition. His paws were a bit bloody, and while he gets scrawny and fleabitten in summer he tends to put on the fat and fur when fall arrives. The last time I saw him, around New Year's, I couldn't feel his ribs he was so chubby (and I got my cat sitter Ol to put out food for him). But he vanished and we thought he was a goner. I think he was trapped in someone's garage or shed, because otherwise he'd be fatter since several of us feed him at least twice a day!

After I put out some kibble with warm water, I immediately notified my neighbour Sus who brought over a bed with warm supplies and some canned food; yesterday she dropped off an octagonal coffee table with a door in the base that we'll try to put his bed in so he'll have more shelter. Although he didn't take to the bed at first, when I looked out a half hour later he was snuggled up warmly. And I'm sure my neighbours Cor and Dar and Liz will start bringing him his once or twice daily can again. And I have printed up some fliers to drop in mailboxes on the street asking for a dollar or two towards his vaccinations and neutering, so he can live on the street but not contribute to the unwanted kitten population (I think he is Peabo's daddy).

My poor guy. I didn't note this before, but he lost the tip of an ear due to frostbite.

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