Monday, February 23, 2009

Cat Entertainment -- Bwai's new toy!

Dis Bwai new toy! It's a 5-foot length of foam insulation for hot water pipes, soft and light-weight---perfect for attacking. I got extra pieces from a city power conservation campaign a couple of years ago (pipe insulation, faucet aerators, etc.). She recently found one of the pieces in the basement and hauled it upstairs with much struggle and arguing. Then she found the other piece and brought that up too.

She's a playful cat by nature, if I initiate an interesting game like laser tag. But she never went after it further than a couple of feet, then needed to rest and contemplate. And now I can't find the laser pointer.

These "toys" gets dragged from room to room and floor to floor (though they haven't made it back to the basement, and they're covered in teethmarks.

This morning I found that she had managed to drag one of the pieces up to the bedroom. (The other night I got up to pee and kicked about 5 toys down the hall in the dark. Once or twice a week I collect the toys and put them back in the basket in the living room.)

Here she and Handsome Stranger are vying over each end of the longer piece.

Bwai, you might have noticed, is somewhat obese. And has an odd coat. She needs a body shave once a year (at least) to deal with her matted fur (and she's too fat to clean her own bum). The vet puts her under general anaesthetic to do this, and charges me an arm and a leg. But she's much happier and more active (and cuddlier) once it's done. This time I've greatly restricted her diet (and she's prevented from scavenging the other three cats' food). I think she's lost a pound or two. I'll let you know.

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