Monday, June 15, 2009

Next steps in life, etc.

"There is nothing like a dream to create the future." Victor Hugo

Well, I hope the rather nasty dream last night about maxing out my line of credit doesn't pan out.

1. It's probably time to move out of my comfort zone in my career. I'm not talking about freelancing, since it would take too long to get back a reputation and regular clients. I've been in IT full time for 20 years. And while contracts have been lucrative and have led to full time employment, the per-hour rate, even for senior/experienced tech writers, has dropped drastically. But there's a nifty position (full time, permanent) in downtown Toronto that I'm probably partly qualified for. (What am I saying?! I AM qualified for it! They'd be crazy not to hire me!!)

2. Diehl and Ludington, who wrote my little bible, Take Charge of Your Health, recommend (no, command) no added sugar in the diet, and to eat "foods as grown." I've eliminated most of the cholesterol from my diet, and I drink diet-decaf cola to partly satisfy those horrible cravings---but colas deplete bone mass, and as a PMW (post-menopausal woman) with a very low body-mass index (BMI), I can't afford that. "No added sugar" probably also means those artificial ones in sugar-free gum, meal replacement bars and drinks (even those with a low Glycemic Index for diabetics), and low- or zero-fat yogurt. It means no cheating, which I do several times a week, with healthful bran or whole wheat muffins from a popular outlet I call Timmy Ho's, as well as downright indulgences in whole boxes of cookies. I have a great recipe for low-fat (1/4 cup) banana loaf with NO added sugar (since I forgot to add sugar to the batter once, and it turned out perfectly and tasted wonderful). But once it's out of the oven I can't resist it.

3. While I'm job hunting, I should have the time and energy to finally declutter the house. I bought a couple of books on organizing (even one for people with ADHD/ADD). I'd like to hire some help, but I really don't want to spend the money. Though it would make my life so much easier...

Finally, here's a what a dandelion looks like, just for Guacamole Jim (grins, ducks, runs).

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