Thursday, June 11, 2009

When one door closes...

Another opens. I got fired today.

Then I took some pictures of my peonies. They're really pretty. (Click the image to see a full-sized version. I'm very pleased with it.)

Then I got drunk.

Tomorrow I'll update my resume.


Jim, the Guacamole Diet guy said...

" I got fired yesterday. ... Then I got drunk ... Today I'll update my resume."

I know that's not funny, but that has too be one of the all-time classic blog posts.

Now I'm going to have to follow your blog regularly.

KarenInTo said...

Thanks, Jim! I quite like guacamole too. But did you like the peony??

Jim, the Guacamole Diet guy said...

I'm a guy. I don't know a peony from a dandelion. Sorry.