Friday, May 15, 2009

There's one born every minute...

Onychomycosis. That's a fancy name for nail fungus. It's very hard to treat. Unlike many other people who just assume from their nails' appearance that they have an infection, I was actually diagnosed: my last doctor but 5 took nail clippings and confirmed it. I was prescribed a very pricey oral medication that may take a lot out of your liver and required blood tests after three months to check for liver damage (yes, I took it anyways, but not for long enough). I don't have the grossest-looking case (photos show examples that look like fudge brownies), but this year the left big toenail was sufficiently misshapen that I got an ingrown toenail (self-diagnosed and self-treated). And I can't wear nail varnish on my toenails any more.

So I was checking online for topical treatments. I found a site with testimonials galore about a brush-on product that's a combination of exotic oils and elixirs and magical potions from third-world nations. The 6-bottle deal was too good to pass up for a person who is already on enough meds. And shipping was free, and the package arrived on time through Canada Post.

I have to say that, after five days of 3x/day treatment, which is certainly not enough time to see any difference in the condition of the infection, the nails were softened enough that I could clip them without major flaking and cracking, and the cuticles were softened nicely. When you have diabetes the advice is to NOT soak your feet, but up to now that was the only way to soften the nails enough to trim them. And the cuticles, after a winter of closed-in shoes, were a mess.

My toenails do look better after my amateur pedicure, though, and while I'm not a "fuck-me high-heels" summer shoe person I do have a few pairs of sandals I like to wear with a skirt. If I've been a sucker for a snake-oil pitch I'll know in a few months.

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