Saturday, January 3, 2009


I got major carb cravings yesterday and filled my face with sweets -- pastries, chips, chocolate-covered almonds. On the other hand, I took a 30-minute walk, ate a light dinner, upped my NPH insulin night-time shot a bit, used the rowing machine and free weights this morning, and got an FBG of about 12 (should be 5.0-7.0 mmol/dl; still better than 20). Good feeling of energy too. It's a lovely day (sunny and brisk) here in Toronto, so I should get out and about again while it lasts...

Yep -- as I thought, the loose molar will come out in a couple of weeks. I'll have a gap there until the bone heals, then I will have dental surgery to have a fake tooth implanted. This was caused by 1) tooth removal to make room for crowded front teeth to be more evenly spaced by braces, with a major potential of bone loss, 2) a short root (genetic), and 3) an infection due to the extractions (in 1992 or so?) that left bunched-up gum tissue and resulted in a deep pocket of gum around the tooth that collects plaque and debris.

I can recommend Crest Pro-health toothpaste -- I've been using it daily (almost) for over a year and it has really reduced sensitivity, which helps me to stay in the chair when I'm getting a cleaning. I also have been flossing daily (almost) for a couple of years, and that has made quite a difference. I still have a large stock of dental floss dispensers from my three annual dentist visits over the years, but I AM using them up. I used to use them as stocking stuffers, but nobody in my family flosses except my older brother and me (actually, that's not bad -- two out of five).

A couple of things I learned today from the hygienist: 1) floss, rinse, and use the electric toothbrush at night. I usually do my major dental hygiene as part of my morning routine, but it should be easy to change to night-time. I'd save some time in the AyEm by just brushing the night away. 2) To combat infections, rinse with warm salt water (blech!). Yes, just like your (and my) mother told us. I've also heard that using an electric toothbrush should be restricted to once a day since it may damage tooth enamel, but I can't find that reference any more. I found some ultra-soft replacement brush heads so it's a bit better.

BTW, I posted an offer (not yet updated) on for a $10 coupon for the Oral-B ProfessionalCare(R) rechargeable toothbrush package.

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