Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year, teeth! Best wishes for 2009, blood sugar!

Well. I survived into 2009. All the cats did too.

This Saturday I go in for a routine dental cleaning and while I'm there I'll ask the dentist to look at my loose molar. I had a fairly deep infection that he treated with a solid antibiotic. I kept it in place for as long as I could but it fell out all at once. When the inflammation came back I treated it with Oil of Oregano (yow!). That actually worked, but lately I've noticed a bit of movement (like since Tuesday). I have bone loss there due to orthodontics (and had to have two perfectly good teeth pulled to make room) when I was in my 30s. They do warn you about this, but I never expected it to happen. I'm actually afraid to floss there! I expect to have dental surgery and possibly lose the tooth altogether.

Last night for dinner I ate a small steak (rare), with broccoli, new potatoes (three colours!), asparagus (purple!), and squash. This morning my fasting blood sugar was 9.8 mmol/L (176.4 in US gallons). It might sound high to you, but it was good for me! I even took a little less NPH insulin just to see how I'd fare.

It's a nice brisk day -- but there's absolutely nothing for me to do except fill the dishwasher and throw a couple of loads of laundry in. And bundle up and take a walk and see if I can find an open bar to have a glass of wine, since I had none last night...

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