Friday, January 23, 2009 pulling teeth

I'm doing exactly what I am not supposed to do after a tooth extraction---smoking. "If you can avoid it for 24 hours that would be best," says my wonderful dentist Dr. T. I also have to avoid smoking on Monday (as well as no caffeine or pain killers for 24 hours before) to help me pass my cardio tests.

The freezing is coming out now after two hours and I just took a couple of generic arthritis-strength something-or-others (acetaminophen), which I bought when my right hip started acting up for some reason. It worked, when I remembered to take it.

My other painkiller is a nice Shiraz Merlot, which should probably be avoided as well. But I was told I could have a cool drink, so I am.

The extraction wasn't painful at all (I ask for and get plenty of numb-ers, since I have learned I am resistant to painkillers in general), and since the tooth was already loose all Dr. T. had to do was slide a probe around to loosen the remaining ligaments and then drag it out. But my heart was pounding and I'm sure my blood pressure shot up!

So I'll have a very unattactive gap there for at least 4 months. Unless I cave in to vanity and request a partial plate instead of waiting for the multiple implant procedures.

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