Saturday, November 1, 2008

Diabetes team!

I was screened this week to see if I was eligible to participate in a study on reducing menopausal hot flashes using a modified antidepressant (Effexor). The study coordinator told me I was probably not eligible because I don't have blood sugar control. At all. My last A1C early this year was 12.2%, more than double the optimal percentage to indicate good control, entirely because I don't control what I eat, get little exercise, don't eat regularly or eat too much at a time, skip/forget meds, and fall asleep before taking my nightly insulin.

Exams over about 2 hours: interview on hot flash experiences, meds & supplements (dosages/amounts), diet, exercise, my own medical history and family history (diabetes, heart disease); full physical including reflexes, internal pelvic (gyn), height/weight, Pap smear, breast exam, blood pressure; electrocardiogram including 4 more blood pressure and pulse readings; blood extraction, and probably some other stuff I can't recall. The only thing missing was an xray, but I can't think what it would have been for unless they wanted to see if my brain was even there.

So, even if I am not eligible for the study, I have the opportunity to become a member of the team for getting diabetes management at the hospital, with a first appointment either later this year or early next year with "the best" diabetes doctors (endocrinology) in the city and maybe the province. Liz, the study coordinator, is a diabetes nutritionist among other things, and due to her concern is getting me referrals and appointments with the staff. She forgot to save my EKG results (I have an atypical low voltage thing) so I had to go back early Wednesday morning to have another one (it took 15 minutes from in to out again), and forgot my wallet at home. She was kind enough to lend me enough money for the day. I love her already!

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