Sunday, October 26, 2008

No-knead whole-grain bread results

Here's the result of one of the no-knead bread recipes. I let it rise the first time for about 6 hours instead of four, and I left it overnight in the pan in the oven with the light on (covered in plastic wrap) instead for just one hour. But it's tasty, if you like a chewy dense bread with a thin crispy crust and a slightly sour taste (probably a result of leaving it overnight). I also used soy flour instead of rye flour.

I used whole wheat flour that was grown and milled in Ontario (I got it in the marketplace at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto). This is a rare thing! Wheat grown in Canada is generally sent to the US or elsewhere for processing, then sent back to Canada. This lets producers say it's a Canadian product.

Next time (probably this morning!) I will give it another try and bake it in slightly smaller loaf pan (a vintage glass Pyrex). The loaf looks nice from this angle, but it's less than 2 inches high. I haven't put any of my home-made jam or jelly on it yet. I have a feeling I'll be making my own butter soon...

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