Saturday, November 15, 2008

Diabetes with Heart

Not the greatest or worst news this week. I am not eligible for the hot-flash study because my blood sugars are too high, which is BAD. But I still have a chance to join St. Michael's Hospital's diabetes support team, so that's GOOD.

Once of the study coordinators called to let me know this, and faxed my results to me and also sent them to my family doctor---also GOOD. Besides the bad blood sugar it seems I have an abnormal heart rhythm as detected by the EKG, so that's BAD.

I have an appointment next week to talk to my GP about those StM results (GOOD); by then I also hope to have an appointment with a new endocrinologist at St. Mike's (this hospital, by the way, is the downtown emergency centre where our gunshot victims are often taken first).

I went to an executive lunch (it's just an opportunity for brown-nosers to eat lunch and listen to a senior vice president, so I enjoyed it). I had to leave a couple of minutes early because I chair a meeting every week with the managers. So our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) shows up for the first time, and even though he had accepted the meeting invitation (GOOD) I neglected to inform him that the location had changed (BAD). It went OK. I keep these meetings as short as possible, by the way, and the CTO liked that and thinks he'll attend more of these meetings (GOOD).

Wednesday my boss called us into his office and told us he is leaving for another job (BAD). Our director will be managing us until a new person is hired (GOOD). But the boss, who hired me on contract three years ago (GOOD) and promoted my full-time hiring a year later (GOOD) is probably the kindest and gentlest boss I've ever had in nearly 20 years (except maybe for one other) so he'll be hard to replace (BAD).

Anyways, here's a picture of Handsome Stranger on top of the fridge.

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