Sunday, August 17, 2008

Good DM links and newsletters

In my efforts to get better control of my blood glucose and eating habits I have subscribed to a number of newsletters on diabetes management, exercise, and general health and healthy eating:

David Mendosa's site is amazing, though his newsletter is infrequent:

Diabetes Life at has a lively newsletter

Medscape at has news on controlled DM studies has good recipes doesn't serve Canadians but has good information lets you calculate your "real" vs. chronological age and helps you reduce your real age by providing analysis and steps you can take to reduce it. By the YOU doctors Oz and Mehmet

I can't really recommend the Canadian Diabetes Association newsletter---it's very, um, shall we say boring, uninspired, and undynamic? But check their website here:

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Jim Purdy said...

Some great diabetes links there. Thanks so much for sharing them.