Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Colon Diaries -- the next few hours

Here's a picture of the city bins we're all getting (and must get) used to. From left, the new miniature garbage bin (placed incorrectly on the sidewalk; I checked the instructions just now and moved them to the edge). Two garbage bags and two irredeemable litter boxes. The Green Bin for kitchen waste, including disposable diapers, paper towels and tissues, coffee grounds, bones and fats, and---yay!!---used kitty litter. A yard waste bag. I also have a Green Box that holds yard waste.
I chose the smallest garbage bin (holds one bag) 1) to remind myself to keep my consumption down, 2) to get a $10 rebate on my utility bill instead of paying up to $190 a year for the extra-large bin, and 3) to be sure I had some place to put it. What's in it today? About 8 non-recyclable plastic containers for Purina kitty litter.
Speaking of which, I just hauled home about 20 kg of kitty litter from the store. A month or so ago I had cleaned out the equivalent of five litter boxes and put it out for collection. The city worker was heaving everything into the truck, and said, "Christ! How many cats does she have??" One, how did he know I was a "she"? Two, maybe it was ONE cat and FOUR months' worth of litter. (In fact it's four cats and one month's worth.)
Dear Diary: Took the first (noon) dose of Pico-Salax. It didn't taste too bad. I wonder how fast it works... I found some Peach & White Tea popsicles and some sugar-free lemon soda to supplement the bouillon, green tea, and Nestle sports drink (sugar-free). I did take my morning meds with a quarter-cup of soy milk even though that's against the rules, but I had to get those BGs down. Still 16.9 mmol/dl but better than before. I'll take my lunch meds with a popsicle and a lovely cup of green tea.


Craig Saunders said...

Okay, today the city was delivering these new garbage bins on my street. They seemed to be dropping them off randomly. So far the city hasn't sent anything telling us about them at all. What's the scoop?

KarenInTo said...

Your landlord (landpeer?) would probably have received the notice and selected the bin size. On my street they've only delivered the one-bag and one-and-a-half-bag sized bins.

Debra said...

So which one did you choose? I'm tempted to go with the one-and-a-half, though it may be too late (I think we sent our little form in a while back...can't remember what I checked off, though).