Sunday, February 3, 2008

That goddamn steam iron

I got the non-wanted Tobi (oops. Should fix that) handy steam iron on Wednesday, and put it together on Friday afternoon. I did try to cancel the order, from less than one minute after I accidentally submitted until several days later by e-mail (for which they promised responses within 72 hours) and by telephone. Here's the last e-mail I got:

Dear Karen Black, Your order xxx from Tobi has been shipped! Shipping date 2008-01-28 Box Number 1: Tracking Number xxx You are receiving this email as a receipt of purchase from Tobi. This is a one-time notification in regards to this purchase only: you will not be receiving any further emails from us >

Well, it was a bitch to put together. I should probably have turned the lights up. Or read the instructions in sequence. Or drunk less wine. However. I do not have any actual blisters from hot steam on my hands, and I did get nearly all of my blouses and linens ironed on the night I used it. And, yes, I did have to get out the iron and board to touch up collars and hems and button bands. It does work well enough in smoothing out your basic laundry wrinkles, but I will need practice in fine-tuning those details. Maybe I can give lessons in time. I will charge a lot.

I used a half-container of steam to soften kitty poop stains on a couple of pieces of furniture, and I have to say that the subsequent upholstery shampoo treatments did work better than usual. And I believe they do smell less bad.

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