Monday, February 18, 2008

It's snowing in Toronto. Again.

It's not heavy snow---yet. And my wonderful neighbour Rh and her son Ri helped me dig my car out of its snowy tomb on the cross street this afternoon. It took about half an hour, and I skoffed a parking space on my own street that someone else dug out, only about 100 m from my house. The city of Toronto has promised to actually remove the snow from blocked side streets off the main intersections. On Saturday there were two police cruisers and two ambulances parked right in front of my house. The EMTs and officers were wandering around saying, "This is CRAZY." They didn't seem to be attending anyone. But there's one lane only, due to the snow, and one cruiser and the EMT's SUV had to back down the street to turn around.

There's a church at the end of the street too, that has very limited parking and a large congregation, and a Value Village at the top that people visit regularly and who refuse to pay for parking, so sometimes all the spots on the street are taken up by non-residents.

TMI: I had a bad dream about my colon exam (barium enema). I think I'm mostly scared of the laxatives. I booked two vacation days to deal with preparing for all that stuff, and another to attend a level 2 DM education clinic. Augh! I also need an opthalmologist exam (takes up half the work day) and a talk with the endocrinologist. And I need more folic acid and unsaturated fats in my diet according to; also to reduce my resting heart rate... OOOOHHHHMMMMM.

Vinyasa flow yoga: Attended only my second class on Thursday. It was difficult. Last week I intended to go after my physio-rehab appointment but forgot my equipment and clothes. Needed? Not necessarily. But I was wearing jeans. Not stretchy enough.

Diabetes Education: Not to criticize the older folks (of which I am rapidly progressing to be one) but the last level 1 diabetes education clinic I attended that was booked by my doctor (for about 15 minutes) was peopled by elderly (average age 70) patients who didn't really understand what DM is about. "Well, if I can take a medicine to fix the high blood PRESSURE can't I take one to fix the high blood SUGAR?" Well, yes, you can---if you also get some exercise and stop eating all the sugary crap. Eyes, feet, kidneys---all failing. (I'm on that path if I don't get it together.) But I walked out after those 15 minutes -- I need MORE! I was the youngest person there by at least 20 years and I had been Dx'd at least 9 years. So I need someone to do my thinking for me.

Cats: My two youngest fools (Fiasco T. Peabrain and Handsome Stranger) are booked for their "wellness" exams next Saturday. They're the feral or near-feral kits I picked up off the street in late 2006. Since they don't go outside or interact with street cats, I don't want them to have vaccinations, but it's hard to argue with the vet. I'm cheap, that's why. If I adopt the hoary old guy that lives on/under my front porch they'all ALL need vaccinations.

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