Monday, April 13, 2009

Uses for sari fabric

Sari fabrics (from those long, graceful, and complicated dresses that Hindu and other women wear, when they're not wearing the salwar kameez, the tunic/trouser/scarf combo) go out of fashion as fast as the seasons change. Luckily, their wearers donate many of these 6-yard lengths to Value Village, where they usually sell for under 10 CAD. I regularly browse their selection (ever changing) but have held off buying even the most beautiful (in my opinion) because I just haven't made use of the lengths I bought 3 years ago.

A former co-worker and I were discussing how he could decorate his pool area. I suggested some saris, so I bought a few I'd been looking over, took them to work, and he picked the ones he wanted. He and his partner draped them around a canvas gazebo and enjoyed them swaying in the breeze all summer. That's one.

Two of the ones I was left with I planned on using as temporary drapes. They're still in the drawer, though. And the third, the most elaborate (and heaviest) I thought I'd make into a shirt or blouse, with black body and gold collar and cuffs. That's two.
My latest idea (of course still unexecuted) is yoga bags. The mesh ones I've seen have skimpy straps and fit too tightly. Kind of karmic, I figure.

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