Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mom Diary -- first convo after admission

In an earlier post I talked about my mom's impending Hip Replacement Operation. I spoke to her tonight -- she's in good spirits and has already seen a few friends since her admission to Brome-Mississiquoi-Perkins Hospital this afternoon.

She CAN be funny but she tries too hard sometimes. But when I asked her what she was picking out of her teeth as we were talking, she said, "Bouillon." She ordered tea with her "dinner" but wasn't sure what the hot brown beverage was. Her friend told her, "If you think the tea is bad, wait until you try the coffee." I asked my long-suffering imposed-upon brother, who will be her only family to visit (unless I can get some time off), to bring her some Van Houtte's (a major coffee/tea chain) or some Tim Hortons when he visits tomorrow.

My brother and I have sent her flowers for when she wakes up tomorrow after her 8 am op. When I placed the order (try, they're great!) I made sure that I entered an alternate name. In Quebec for other than social reasons they use a woman's "maiden" name. My mom was married in 1954 and had to get used to using her maiden name again (such as for medical reasons) sometime in the 1980s. She's OK with that, though. As am I. Quebec's programs (especially all-ages daycare) are second to none in Canada.

I guess I'm more worried about her than she is about herself!

May 1 Update: My brother, who is the only child who can visit, told me that Mom won't exactly be UP to taking a phone call this evening: she's flat on her back with numerous tubes and bandages, and can't reach the phone. Here's an image of the flowers we got her for today, anyway.

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