Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Flying Kitten, Garden Update

I love this shot. Kitten looks so brave and committed to his mission, but he probably just heard the can opener. Or saw a fly.
I hired a person from a local services organization to mow my back lawn. I think I might have mown it once last year (I'm strongly opposed to grass). I gave Neil $40 for about three hours work, I was so pleased! I should have taken at least a before picture to show the neglect.
"Nature abhors a lawn." We can see this in any green space. Yarrow, dandelions, clover are all valuable non-grass items.
"Any unwanted plant is a weed." I don't cultivate non-grass plants (but I do dig up dandelions to appease the neighbours). I will attempt by the end of the summer to reduce the actual grass footage of the lawn.
My neighbour has a lovely lawn but he waters it with drinking water! It comes right out of the hose. He even waters in the morning and after a rain. He's from Calgary so he doesn't know any better.
Mainly I have a lush mess. Two maturing grapevines show hundreds of bunches. I picked them all last year but ended up composting the whole crop (about 8 gallons). I picked them to thwart the raccoons.
I neglected to mulch the asparagus last year so I only got one serving this year. I did get a lot of rhubarb and gooseberries two years ago, but the raspberries and grapes have shaded them out so the crops weren't as good.

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