Saturday, April 26, 2008

How to get to Green Living show while TTC is on strike

1. Wow. Got up at 6:03 am and saw by the Toronto Star headline that the streetcars, trains, and buses stopped running as of midnight. Last evening I thought of going to the Green Living show (VERY close to work, with my complimentary ticket from membership in my company's Green Committee) but decided that the cats had to be fed on time. Toronto MPPs are meeting this weekend to end the strike, but my Wine Rack person wondered why I wouldn't take GO transit, which stops not too far from home, and stops again right at Exhibition Stadium. D'oh. Tomorrow it is. (I have a car, but to drive it to the Green Living show is kind of counter-purpose. Also, I would need to top up my gas tank and the price this morning was 1.22 CAD per liter. I wonder what it was yesterday before midnight??)

2. I didn't win the Super 7. Again. This time, however, I bought a ticket for the draw.

3. My physiotherapist has been bugging me to get a knee x-ray, and my doctor's office finally (3 or more weeks after the first request) provided a requisition for it. It was much less bad than the last x-ray I underwent (with the barium enema)---no preparation, and I could pull my sports pants up to my hips so I didn't need to undress. I really really want to get copies of my knees from the inside, but medical records technology is still so primitive for most doctors that I probably won't even be able to see the actual films.

4. By 10 am/10h00 I was standing in line at Zeller's (behind about a gazillion other people) waiting for my free indoor/outdoor clothesline. It's actually pretty cool. I was in line for one hour but I had a very nice person to talk to the whole time. While we were waiting I saw a stack of 100 percent Egyptian cotton, made-in-USA (so you're pretty sure they're union made) Martex towels---$4.97 CA for a bath towel, $2.97 for a hand towel---so I picked up 2 hands and 1 bath. (I generally dry off after a shower with a terry bathrobe and hand towel only---less laundry---but I use a bath towel to wrap my wet hair once a week.) So I got to the cash, and the cashier said they're buy one, get one free, so I ran back to the display (delaying the person in line behind me) and got another bath towel. I also bought 20 high-tech clothes pins, and they cost more than anything else. For 4 towels, clothespins, and free clothesline the bill was less than 16 dollars. I think I'll install the clothesline and airdry the towels. Cool. Except it's going to rain this afternoon.

5. I watched my porch cat (Scuffy, AKA Mister McScuffersons, Boss Cat, Mister Jones) tackle another intruder this morning (a zany cross-eyed thing). Scuffy, who normally limps up to the food I put out for him every morning, leaped, did a major broadjump off the porch over the oatgrass, and did a wild UFC flip right onto the intruder while taking out several just-about-to-bloom tulips. Sigh.

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