Monday, March 3, 2008

Earth whatever (hour, day, week, month...)

I have done a couple of carbon footprint tests, and since I live in a 6-room house by myself I seem to use up more than my fair share. But the "test" sites don't ask how many of my faucets or showerheads or toilets are low-flow or high-efficiency, or how many of my lightbulbs are compact fluorscents. Also, 90 percent of my green-bin shit is, well, shit---cat shit, you know? It's an organic source, too (PC aGreen) I can't put that stuff in my current compost system (only green stuff). So what can I do? I don't fly (don't even have a passport yet).

Hey, here's a hint: don't flush your floss. It sticks in the filters and needs a lot of remediation. Put it in the garbage.

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